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'' The End ''

So, scared of each other,
The truth we deny,
The facts we smother,
Our end is nigh.

Our complete lack of trust,
In the basics of life,
Shows we're unjust,
We revel in strife.

As resources are thinning,
The tension increases,
A new war's beginning,
We are falling to pieces.

It's greed and corruption,
That describe the human,
That and disruption,
For both man and woman.

Our weapons of woe,
Should have us alarmed,
When it's time to go,
They're ready and armed.

Our thirst for killing,
Is totally bizarre,
The fear it's instilling,
Leaves a mental scar.

As our last day dawns,
We seek absolution,
Our invisible pawns?
May want retribution.

Arrogant and destructive,
Our ways we can't mend,
Till death still obstructive,
As we face,

‘' The End ‘'

by Bri Mar

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Good point... Human is still in darkness And walks to the end