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The End
DC (12 november 1987 / Lucknow, India)

The End

I had trust I had faith
The belief was so much,
I was caught in the bait.
The dagger you had, has given me
The deepest cut. I can’t see whether
The door to me for u is open or shut.
The blow was so hard at the heart,
That it has taken away its largest part.
Now, each dropp of blood from it cries,
“why you loved her with closed eyes? ”
Forgetting you, now, seems to be a hard task,
I am trying to hide my tears
But cannot find the right mask.
True love never dies, thats what people told,
But that story has now grown old.
I saw one such love being brutally stabbed,
Was slained cruelly while it was being grabbed.
It seems that I cant forgive neither can I pardon,
Now I have started believing that:
You were the black rose of my garden.
Love to me was like a rose bed,
But when I look back now,
I see it to be a dried lake containing millions of dead.
I wanted you so much but
It seems now, that feeling is gone,
By the time I forget u, It will be next era’s dawn.
Now my heart & world have been torn apart
The only option I have is to make a new beginning & a new start.
Last few months had a stunning emotional blend,
But I never thought that our story will have such a tragic end.
I know I cannot be your life or even a part of your passing day:
But how you treated me was not the right way.
Everything I wrote now is waste:
As I know you cannot recognize my pain
You have robbed me girl and have left me with nothing to gain.

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Hi! It's a nice poem. Seems it has a lot of raw emotions. I have a poem by the same tittle but it has a different tone. Good going. Looking forward to read more of your works.