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The End...
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The End...

Poem By Ties Thompson

I open my mind, my heart,
And the memories flood in.
Memories I've long suppressed,
Not wanting to remember
The agonizing pain.
They'd still be there, locked up
In limbo, if not for him.
The one person who could force
Me to remember has gently
Coaxed and cajoled me into wanting
To relive the worst the worst moments
Of my god-forsaken life.
They prick and poke and scratch,
Those memories do. Causing superficial
Wounds that would not normally kill.
But they bleed-not much, but
Enough that I am too weak to stop it.
Drops turn into trickles, trickles into rivers;
For the memories keep cutting.
Eventually, the pain is too much-
The blood loss too great.
I collpase, my life force slowly leaving my body.
Finally, I die, in a pool of red.
A human being...shattered.

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