The End Of All Questions Ii

Poem By Morgan Michaels

Why men and women too often mistake sex for love
Why moldy ancient texts still inform peoples prejudices.
Why some people bash the past but can't let it go.

Why the dog wags the tail and not vice-versa.
Where to get the GPS that can take you to the rainbow's end.
Why the well of Truth is bottomless, bottomless.
Why the Spanish, spendthrifts of punctuation,
Insist on those upside-down marks at the start of each question.

Why, why why, what and occasionally where.
Just kidding, of course, but if every question were answered
Still one would remain of all those neatly laid
Out fitted with their answers at the bottom of the page:
Why I loved you from the very first moment of our meeting
And why I continue, in spite of formidable odds, to.
I think it must have something to do with 'character'.
Yeh, character. It must have something to do with that.

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