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The End Of Most Things Is In The Making Of The Begining
MR (1989 / March)

The End Of Most Things Is In The Making Of The Begining

I have seen the light
the bigger picture
I have watched and I have wondered
through the veil of unforgiving words

I am now a former man
a shell of what I used to be
I have found no escape
but that of the eternal release

let there be much rejoicing
let them have there day
they have finally done it
they have killed the beast

I am nothing and they are everything
I have lost and they have won
the battle now is over
and I have lost my war against the world

my final plea before I leave is that the world remember
I was always strong through the tears and through the pain I felt
they have destroyed me
after all these years

I shall always be here
I will never leave
let them remember me
for what I really was

I have no final words except the one's
of a great man better than me
'god asked of what authority he interfered
he just laughed into his elfin beard'

let them belive what the hell they want

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