The End Of My Fairy Tale

I'm drowning in all these questions in my head!

When do they end?

Will I regret this?

Will it get rid of my pain?

What do I gain?

I've been dreading this day.

This day, I thought, would never come!

Now, it's here...

And now it's over!

1 year,2 months, and 17 days...

Such a long time...

To waste?

You ask me things like...

Do I love you! ?

Do I care! ?

You're so indecisive on what you want.

Which is why this is where we wound up.

It's time to part.

Go our separate ways.

We must end these lies.

All the deceit.

All the suffering.

I know it's hard.

Believe me, I'm crying, too.

But someday...

You'll thank me for ending this fairy tale we were living.


by Shirley Standley

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