The End Of The Flood

Poem By Simple Simon

1. Noah and the Flood

It was a thing of pride,
That God on Noah's side,
Had not forgotten him,
And other lives with him.

He caused a wind to blow.
Its power began to show.
It pushed the water down
And had the clouds all flown.

The mountain tops appeared.
The water disappeared.
When forty days had gone,
A window slid open one morn!

To probe he sent a raven,
Which did not return,
But it kept on flying,
As the water was still drying.

Then, he sent a dove,
That came back somehow.
There was no place to land.
It came to Noah's hand.

After a week, he sent a dove.
It returned with a branch olive.
He was glad to know by then,
That down the water had gone.

After seven days were over,
He sent a dove to hover,
But it never came back to him.
It settled somewhere this time.

From the boat's door Noah found,
The earth was dry all around.
God commanded him to go out
And from the boat, he came out.

His family members disembarked.
The animals and birds followed.
Thus, a fresh lease of lives they got.
Famous became Noah's boat.

2. Noah Offers a Sacrifice

An altar, Noah built unto the Lord.
He burnt a sacrifice to God,
One clean animal and bird
From each variety he had.

Well-satisfied with his offer,
God said, 'Like this, never
Will I allow earth to suffer,
Because of man's error.'

'Evil won't leave man's mind.
Never will I allow this kind
Of mass life destruction
Followed by mass re-creation.'

'There will be a time for planting
And another time for harvesting.
There will always be cold and heat,
Summer and winter, day and night.'

Comments about The End Of The Flood

We have a saying in my part of the world, 'Our future is as bright as the promises of God.'. He is the ultimate Giver of second chances and a sure Keeper of His word.Splendid writing, Simon. I look forward to your next posting. Kind regards, Sandra

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