The End Of The Story

I don't know the ending of the story,
nor do i know what happened once upon a time.
I don't know how we made it this far,
and how we'll get to the end.
But what i do know,
the little part of this storyline that i know,
is that it will end.
Through the good the bad,
the dark and the light,
we all stand at that one final moment
and all face the final truth.
So judge me now and say what you'd like
but it matters to me not.
We spend our lives racing to the end,
trying to be first to get there.
But now when your finally here,
was it worth it?

by Justin Evett

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Good poem. well wrote the feeling of this poem perfectly...I really enjoyed it...maybe if you have some time you could take a look at some of mine. Thanks