Good Men

They’re not so bad
in their habits and turns
only a bit off of normal
but maybe they’ll learn
Rather the same
in each of their faults
differing with specifics
but quirks in them all
So they smell or bother
at the wrong time of day
or they aren’t listening
to every nuance you say
So they muck and muddle
at all hours and irregularity
but at least they are here
regardless of your insecurity
And isn’t it a little better
giving just a bit more grace
to the good sort of a man
who, in spite of himself, stays?

By Ruth L. Rivers

by Ruth L. Rivers

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Comments (6)

Line 8 should should say the top instead of to top. Thanks!
In line 8, to top blew off should be the top blew off
http: // - Here. Press Play. Poem starts at about 20: 05
Regardless of the typo, I love this - especially the second stanza. Cancelled skies - brilliant.
Two years later, the same poem has the same typo: 'Quite unexpectedly to top blew off: ' should be: 'Quite unexpectedly the top blew off: '
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