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The End Of What I Call Life
ME (8-11-93 / illions)

The End Of What I Call Life

Poem By Morgan Ederer

I’ll hold on to what I believe in ill try and control myself from what I want to do. I’ll keep the scars away
But when the pain begins I cant control what happens so don’t count on me. I hide in the dark counting the
Minutes until I’m sane again. Shaking from what I’ve seen, what I’ve felt what’s becoming of me what’s
My life gonna become of my life after the nightmare I witnessed the nightmare I caused. But if I look away
I’m afraid I’ll miss what’s going to come next. I feel my heart shatter I feel my eyes start to water I feel
The pain begin and my life start to end. I’ve seen it all end right in front of my eyes. I feel blind but
That doesn’t stop the pain what I do doesn’t kill you. It only harms me slowly it only kills what’s left
Of me it only hurts me slowly. But who can I tell if know one will listen who will know when I disappear.
When I feel down I hold onto what my life raft I hold onto my teddy bear and cry all I can think about
Is how slowly it ended and how soon I lost it all.

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