The End

We decided to have the abortion, became
killers together. The period that came
changed nothing. They were dead, that young couple
who had been for life.

by Sharon Olds Click to read full poem

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Awesome style and unique narration of the crash and injured therein. Well deserved modern poem of the day.
The next morning I had to kneel an hour on that floor, to clean up my blood, rubbing with wet cloths at those glittering....everything is endless ending.... the end roundly comes but with a beginning of new something..... certainly great poem penned....10+
Gruesome but well worked.
An Excellently worded poem about a very difficult topic. Powerful Poem with brilliant metaphors, superbly phrased.Thank you for sharing this Unique Poem with an everyday subject.(but a very difficult topic though) .. has to soak a long time to deglaze the pan when the feast is over................. Unique essence of civilization. Conflicts within conscious perhaps lost its superiority, now conflicts with our physical existence confronting a challenge to survive. Metaphorically good write depending on cruel imagery. Thanks for sharing.
Cruel, tragic and shocking,
a powerful and descriptive poem of death whether it be by accident or meant? .............superbly written
Unflinching. It starts right in naming abortion as the subject and makes no apologies. First person perspective, uncompromising objectivity. No maudlin sentimentalizing. No feigned feelings or intellectual rationalizing. The power is in the directness. Even as it uses the external crash as metaphor/analogy for the intimacy of the first-person narrative nothing is lost. In fact it gains power by avoiding the possibility of presenting the overly emotional fetus as sacrifice and instead finds a substitute that can be shown without sentimentalizing. And without telling the story. It shows us the pain and gore so that we tap into our emotional reserves without the moralizing overlay. It's brilliantly written, a great example for getting at an extremely difficult subject without beating the reader over the head. The poem is gracefully constructed to allow the reader to do that to him- or herself.
This poem makes me is a confronting image that breaks one's heart but it is powerfully put down on paper. In its strength I love it. in its depiction I fear it.What a brilliant write.
With that topic, it had to be powerful. And it was.
The next morning...... thanks for posting.....
Until they shot the bound! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Such an amazingly powerful write! So much vivid imagery.
One wants only to escape from a poet who sees so far into one's life and into all its insufferable connections. I never thought before of abortion being such a terrifying metaphor, as in Shock and awe aborted the development of Iraq; after catastrophe, no recovery, and no rebirth.
Poetry of such power it leaves me dizzy after only a second reading. Bill Grace