DB (July 1st,1964 / Aveyime-Battor, Volta Region, Ghana)

The Endless Battle Of Word Wars

Auspices of tassel explicit
vent vituperation of implicit
shrouded in terse obscurity
coldly slay depth for brevity

constrained in sly tradition
misplaced guffaw ovation
stereotypes of conformity
frown not at sparse rigidity

battle lines edgily scribed
on dusty pages wily bribed
rope verse taut in thought
muscle flexing poetic tout

in the battle of word wars
the readership fare worse
academia shelves poetry
for postmortems in floetry

take not my lines for lens
to see mediocrity it pens
but eat them with passion
to vision aesthetic fashion

all seeing eye of all hearts
remind us to play our parts
in craving genuine altruism
to see good inside criticism.

Written by
© Dela Bobobee

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Very powerful! ! this is an excellent write.