The Enemy Behind Me

Remember my face
Take a look at me once more
And try to remember
Because i'm leaving for a while
And i shall return

I do hope you would remember
The day i would stand before you
The day i would look at you
With eyes as those of an eagle
Ready to pounce on its prey

I begin to imagine...
At that instant
What it is you would have to say

I would before you stand
Not as a weakling in simple clothing
With frail body and trembling lips
But as a soldier
A brave warrior with my head
Held up high

You would feel humiliated...
You would think, 'It would be better if i die'.
The sight of my presence and being
Would be enough humiliation
To cause your demise
Yet you wont die
Yes, you would live a bit more...
A few weeks or less or a few days
And then you would be out of this place

You would see me take over
You would see me prosper
You would feel my aura
You would then realize
Your term is over
You would see me blossom like the rose flower
Full grown and shining, never fading
With thorns around it to give it protection
You would watch me from afar
As you rot in your dungeon...

by Slim Jay

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