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The Enlightenment Of A Pessimist

He paused as he came near the riverside
Whether to end the life at that moment, he couldn't decide
Monotonous voices he heard shook the resolution
Voices continued emitting advice but no solution
On whether to hang himself to the ceiling fan
Or put the head under a speeding van
The methods and materials part of the act
He debated at length and breadth but no impact
To the postponement of the end, it was an excuse
Soon he would have become a devotee of the muse
But on that day he recalled the debts he made
And, - tothis mad, indifferent world, farewell he bade.

by Turai Muralidhar

Comments (2)

A deep reflective poem describing the inner state of a suffered mind.We can not call him him pessimist to that extent because even optimist people also commit suicide in an itense emotional situation.It remindsme the famous soliloquy of Hamlet: 'To be or not to be that is the question' A very nice poem because it probes the inner mind of such a person who is determined to take his own life but tries to procrastinate as much as possible.Nobody wants to do that atonce because we get this human life after a long-long periods and efforts.Good job.All the best.
Nicely written poem. Congrats!