The Entryway

Standing at the entryway…
Waiting for the next calm
To tame the Vodka storm,
My wondering mind
Lost in an alcoholic
Forest bound by
Tress of bourbon and scotch,
Dripping their sweat

Onto my head
Soaking through my
Cranium feeding
Ideas and thoughts to
My cerebral cortex
Standing at the entryway…
Peach schnapps
Nourishes the great
Rivers and lakes I
Respectfully call my

Gin permeates the clouds
Only to release the
Tensions onto this
Forest dwellers liver
The fog of inebriation
Rules with an iron
Fist just beyond the
Heineken Falls

Standing at the entryway
Is where my
Eyes are glazed
And visions often
Double team me,
Cornering me
My legs mere strings
Much to feeble
To gain the advantage
Over the flattest of soil

Cirrhosis was born
As my true nemesis
Tracking me down
As its prey
Scraping away in
My miserable attempt
To escape my predators
Clutches, I decide to
Walk through the entryway
“Hello Welcome to A.A”

by Daryl Hennix

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