The Environment 'Man'Handled

Along the valley lies this beautiful place..full of natural beauty and grace
birds twitter on the barks of the tree
the sun shine cloud free
animals roaming about their land
God made this earth with his beautiful hands
but wait he made someone that was more powerful than them
someone that could use the tree from the bark to the stem
someone who could rule
someone who could make stone turn to fuel
oh! ! what was happening here
the mother earth was disappointed and full of fear
all of her creations were near extinction and people were getting notorious with distinction
man wanted everything his
so he decided to hurt nature like this
but as the saying goes..what u sow so shall u reap
in a few years time every man would be in his eternal sleep

by kaavyaa kriday

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This is very beautiful! Ten from me! God Bless, Linda
Beautiful poem! useful poem! The need of the hour. Wee done Ambika, My 10...