The Epicurean Thoughts.

What makes us so happiness
You tried to find out the answer
where your stand was on pleasure
The community life in pleasureful atmosphere
Nothing to fear on this worldly life
Other than to live a quite and calm life
Enjoying the fruits of our own actions
Community supporting activities
The pleasure is the thing you taught
The greatest wisdom and goodness to humans
To get away from the fearsome world of belief
Here a peculiar way of thinking you started
It was in the fourth century you lived
The modesty of life to advised, the followers
The desire to be limited and knowledge to attain
The fearless life humans entitled
Here the importance of Great philosopher
Epicurus of Greek philosophy to be retold
In a world we live with unknown fears
How the situation comes to the negativity
The ancient thoughtful texts are torch bearers
Though debatable and argumentative in forums
One thing common, here to be underscored
Peace and co existence in community life
And to limit the wants in daily life
The fearless life humans entitled
Epicurean theories a mile step in thoughts
That invigorated the human intellect.

by Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

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