JSD (03-02-1969 / Philippines/Australia)

The Epitome Of A Woman

The female of human race, refine part.
The characteristic of a woman,
She had a deep view of herself having
A great value of her whole body,
Symbolize her pure typical class
Represented by her attitude being a woman.
Her boldness being a woman cover with
Instinctive manner that consist the
Highly fundamental biological of being
Distinct kind created form by the
Hands of God.

The pure knowledge of God transformed
In her distinctive character that shows the
Different aspect of her passion.
The affection she gave create an open view of her image
To behold such manner of showing, giving the
High standard of herself. She implement the
Important of her existence being individual
Created by God.

The characteristic design of her personality
Being feminine and demure through her
Knowledge and wisdom given by natural
Ability to do and overcome her weaknesses
Being a woman. The range of her attitude knack
The deepest value of her being.
She move for whatever may come and go to the
Broad knowledge direction of her existence.

© Jocelyn Dunbar
23 December 2003
8: 00 AM

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