The Epitome Of Existentialism

It seems that words could never show the things you ought to know
I guess I’m not the only one with eyes for you, but I’m the one that’s left alone.
Because her eraser’s still there. Mine was used a long time ago.
So now I’m writing you down in ink, I know it’s worth the risk
So incase you ever see my permanence I’ll make it sweet and vague
It’s my insurance for ambivalence
Complacent gestures that come from you seem to hasten the pace
Of a heart that gladly beats for you, but still feels out of place
I watched you walk away; the flower doesn’t lie.
It’s comforting to know I’m able to brighten up your eyes
Laughter flows from our lips and mingle to make a smile arise
The favor I returned reflected me

I guess you could say my confidence is gone
You’d be a fool to think that it’d last this long
And it made me feel so stupid
To think I ever had a chance
I’ve seen the way you look at her
Such a perfect romance
And it tore me up inside to know I’d never compare

by Audrey Stephenson

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you're very bright as i've seen reading everything you have posted here... but your title for this one eludes me to the point where i'm paralyzed and reading the piece repeatedly.. gimme your present, with the pun on present as existential, but more importantly your gift in explaining the title... please? ?