The Equation

Race to the finish in the biggest heist of world history
These events are the same, in a different chain
For the myth of logic while derivatives wane
CEOs gather for a deregulation meeting
Time is short and regulation is fleeting
The blind are deafened and the lame are made dumb
For that queer equation this is the sum:
0 + 2 = 0

Before the chops, on Credit Default Swaps
A fork into flesh, bets they would fail
Everything stretched under God's great hand:
A mouth to the poison, an axe to a tree
Investors are about to lose all their money
Wall Street leans on their lobbying power
Count the Collateralized Debt on your fingers
CDO rate manipulation, it's the rule of thumb
0 + 2 = 0

Day and night are like being and time
All housing loans have gone sub-prime
Questioning profits, stir the solutions
In the end, for light, you must burn your conclusions
Lehman Brothers collapse broke the silence above the hollow
Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch were sure to follow
Equations of sum-loving numbers soared passed doubles
Mortgage foreclosures blamed on the housing bubbles
0 + 2 = 0

It may not be nice, it may not be at all
You may just be completely appalled
But if nothing is something, if to rise is to fall
The banks need bailouts like a corpse needs to call
Nonsense is better than no sense at all
Hail to the lies by which all truths are hounded
The murder is done, the structure is founded
Where the current is grounded its circuitry hero
0 + 2 = 0

Central Bank Command
The imperial hand of Bernanke’s stand
Federal Reserve got the balls in hand
It’s all in the vault with print-on-demand
But 0 + 2 = 0

by Mason Maestro

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I will have to research some if the names for it to make sense but of course this is about the incomprehensibility of economy and runaway greed. Oh and please explain the queer equation! I enjoyed it but don't know enough about this field to connect really well! I did one about putting computers in their place with a similar feel.: -) thanks for invite to read your work!