The Escape

I quit the trial.
For that matter I’m none special;
have no magic wand
and the dying souls march towards the end.

Not that I’m shameless so much,
but it’s then short-lived often;
so many things to feel sorry for,
crowd and chaos,
glooms and glitches.

I keep on quitting.
But nothing extraordinary of that;
have no touch stone
and just then the news spreads,
“Kanu Sannyal hanged himself; ”
it pricks my heart pierces my head,
it’s so pain enormous.

It’s so strange I feel.
But I really don’t know
if culminations are all tragic…..
and then the escaping withdrawal that stays back.

I escape away…..
from such feelings, belief and and ultimatums....

Translation by Bikash Roy.


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