The Eternal Rose

Poem By Andrew G. Collins, Sr.

God has given us Mother's and Father's, and Son's and Daughter's to love,
Born in the image of God's likeness, sent down from heaven above,
We hold them in our hands like a rose, Or perhaps a pearl of great price,
Then they walk out of there body, through the door of eternal life,

When we lose a Mother or Father, or lay our child in the ground,
We know their everlasting spirit, Is gone and no longer around,
Jesus picked their soul like a flower, a rose in the master's bouquet,
They walked out of there body, Jesus came and took them away.

When a husband or wife are parted, Death is something they should not fear,
What we think is death is eternal life, On this the word is quite clear,
The spiritual body within us, Is everlasting and always shall be,
Obey God's word be an eternal rose, when from our body he sets us free,

When we give our lives to Jesus, And live according to God's plan,
The son of God will hold us, In the palm of his holy hand,
Except Jesus as your personal Saviour, And in his hands be clay,
Become a rose in the Master's garden, when he comes to take you away,

God has an everlasting garden, somewhere in the heaven's above,
Where all of our loved ones are living, filled with eternal love,
Waiting for the day we shall meet them, Upon Heaven's golden shore,
And we to become an eternal rose, to be with them forever more,

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