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The Eternal Struggle Of The Lonely

When you're with him
I lose my mind
For your love is what
I've struggled to find
From the highest mountain
To the valleys below
Wherever your love existed
My heart would follow

But now you're with him
And I've lost my way
Without you my life is shrouded
In darkness all day
The object of your desire
Lies far past me
For I am blind
And he can see

I am eternally blinded
From reality
For your love of me
Is just a fantasy
I toss and turn
When I struggle to rest
For how can I rest
When I'm not the best

To be the best in your eyes
Is my only goal
To be the tree
In your flowering atoll
I will best him
I'll find a way
I'll show you the true power
Of love someday

But now I lie
In the shadows, alone
Making amends
And peacefully atoning
For I know what I've done
And what I plan to do
All for the sake of you

So forever I struggle
To be the best in your eyes
Though I know your love
Is nothing but lies
Fantasy, reality
Blurred within
Maybe you are better off with him

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