The Eternity

Poem By Alex Andrine

For what sake do we tick off?
To be a role model or a big name?
Or just to hate and love,
Either for fortune and fame?

LIfe is as beautiful as a nymph,
It is as precious as a pearl,
Existing without a target'a myth,
As well as a beam of a girl....

Love is on the horizon for sure,
It is a type of a supersonic airflight,
But only made for
A kissing couple in the moonlight.

Life ticks at an alarming rate,
We should dash for every bite
Of a sealed morsel of our fate,
Being filled with energy and might.

Our destiny's a complicated system,
Controlled by the future's turn.
Unearthing real find's an existing
To go urgently through we're born.

As low as whisper life can be,
When you just burry your head in the sand.
when it's meaningless for thee,
When uninhabitable's your entire land.

So what's the moral, the conclusion
To this poem, sort of rhymes?
Life' s an eternity of our illusions,
A comical slumber in the time.

Comments about The Eternity

Life' s an eternity of our illusions, A comical slumber in the time....honest words of a realised life and I agree...great thought

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