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The Ethereal Beauty Of Life
NR (11/10/1989 / Dhaka, Bangladesh)

The Ethereal Beauty Of Life

Life that is about ifs and buts
Is a constant battle against the good and bad
That is about laughter and joy
Pain and misery
For life is about scarcity
Where pain outweighs joy
As we forget the good
And remember the bad
That happens to us
Regreeting the day we came into this world
Considering it to be a life long curse
Given by a demon
Acting like ungrateful wretches
Conveniently denying
The optimisticc side of life
Burried deep in sorrow and agony
Acting like manic depressive victims
Pain and misery to be our shadow
And failureness to be in your fate
Learning about nothing but hatred and rejection
Piercing a needle deep in heart
Leaving trails of blood
To the ultimate destiny of everyman-Death
Without viewing
the gloriousside of life
That is about peace
With afeeling of ecstacy
Where one knows nothing
But love and acceptance
And the song of gratitude and blessings
Experiencing the ethereal beauty of life

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