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The Ethereal Glow Of Happy (Driven Away From Love)
(11/26/1971 / New York)

The Ethereal Glow Of Happy (Driven Away From Love)

Poem By Eila Mahima Jaipaul

the night was neither warm nor cold
just the right sort of welcome mid-November
denial of winter...
I wanted to see you.

lunar blooms cast glows
on stick trees and woodland creatures.
I was driven,
not by love, but by another.
moving not too fast, and not too slow
I was taken, my heart hurt.
not an ache... but a grievous hurt,
like mortality had crawled into my chest.

moon kissed, the landscape rolled on
there was beauty in the shadows
love in the silvery light on the hills
passion in the way the beams played
the ethereal glow of happy that danced,
entwined under the stars.

I couldn't take the magnificence of it all
the real exquisiteness
of everything that you can't be right now.
I did not want to see it.
I wanted to see you
stubbornly I closed my eyes.

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