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The Ethereal Rhapsody

In the sobriety of a winters eve
I rested ‘neath a bare browed oak
My body fell to lucid dreams
Whence a voice called to me
It knew my name
Though I know not how.

Wandering through the crepuscule glade
My eyes befell a vision fair
She chanted sweet a luring song
That wove and danced upon the air
The resplendent tones like vines of gold
Wove and danced upon the air.

The ethereal rhapsody chimed
A star danced
And burst into a sprite
A thousand joyful notes cascaded
Shining on a spring oasis
With melodious jest flora swayed
From a wintry dream
Springtide was raised

Forth came the Hawthorn Queen
Springtide pouring twixt cupped hands
She sweetly whispered honied words
That met my ears and seduced my heart
In the ancient speak of a forgotten realm
“Biddap eow bip geseald”

Then broke the sun
Flooding light through the place of dreams
Receding back whence she came
The day now dawned on the Hawthorn Queen
Soft the promises lingered
That in my ear spring’s breath had whispered
“Eorpe-lif, leorght and ece springan”
All seductions sweetly rounded
Fled to light in the dun of day.

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