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Common Sense

Common sense is not so common
Common sense has proved to be uncommon
Common sense is evasive
Common sense is elusive
Common sense is divisive
Foolishness has proved to be pervasive.

Common sense eludes world leaders
Common sense evades nations
Common sense divides families
Foolishness takes centre stage
Stupidity becomes prevalent
The world is left in a worst state
The world is left in a deplorable state.

Common sense is not so common
Many of the things done today defy logic
Many of these things are beyond comprehension
These things leave a lot to be desired
They leave one bemused
They leave one astounded
They leave one confounded.

À lot of conflicts would be resolved
If common sense was common
A lot lot of wars would be avoided
If common sense was common
A lot of arguments would be derailed
If common sense was common.

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Comments (4)

There are reasons why I'm vegetarian. There are also reasons why I'm not a cannibal (apart from little things like legality) . Can't help but stop and think at this one Max - expertly penned, one of those self-observational pieces you do so engagingly. t x
Solvent Green? One of my favorite movies and one reason why I never eat pea soup.
A most interesting poem Max and interesting that the whole process of making your sarnie brought this to you for a bit of room for thought. I agree with Adria (again today) yes it's the darn steroids and crap that we have to eat that must be the problem. Being veggie is fine but somehow meat just tastes so much scrummier... you just have to be selective AND responsible on what you buy! Other than that - carnivores are us! ! HG: -) xx
WOW! That is all that I can think right at this moment...is WOW...I am totally overwhelmed by this one! WOW, it took my words away.