EBG ( / Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada)

The Eucharist

All the vastness of my desert stretched before me;
No other shadow shone that I could see,
When the Host of Heaven to my spirit beckoned,
With His own hand and whispered: "Stand by Me;"
Heaven's rain will lend to thee an open blossom,
My Rock will lend to thee an open store,
I will lend to thee the substance of a nation,
My faith will lend to thee an open door: --
As for thee, stand by Me,
Stand by Me the night through,
As for thee, come thou here --
Stand by Me. "I will lend thee to the coast of many waters,
To weigh the sighs that break upon my shores;
I will then release thee, crushed with my approval,
My frankincense, to go without no more.
I have spent for thee My only bar of justice;
My court, though bled for thee, shall never die --
I do here unseal My classic disposition:
To write new life beneath a broken sky --
Listen here by My side,
Let My Spirit provide,
Gentle greatness, strong guide, --
Stand by Me." "Oh my Host, mine eyes have caught Thy central meaning,
Thy furrowed brow composed, Thy hand made fit,
Here to lift our senses at this present meeting,
To fill the common cup with benefit --
Oh, my King, Thine open side fills my dominion,
Thy rod and staff, new bread to me shall be;
As my heart kneels down to make the transposition,
My Lord -- break forth Thy miracle in me!
For these gifts from Thy store,
Thanks be Thine evermore,
In the name of Christ Jesus, amen --
For the sake of Thy kingdom --

by Evelyn B. Gray

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