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The Eve Of Damnation

A veil of darkness descends on the valley.

The multitude shudders as fear envelopes.

The Eve of Damnation has signalled her

The fate of the worthy male is sealed.

Virgin harlot she's called for her chastity she controls.

Childless mother she's called for the legion of infants she disowns.

The air's wrought with fear, the fear the Eve's arrival's spawned.

She's beautiful, she's vivacious as the black desert rose.

And today she weeps bitterly.

Her face pink, her cheeks moist.

The voice of repentance is for all to hear.

A cool breeze wafts across the land.

The veneer of fear is unmasked of the multitude.

In the muted silence, her confession is acknowledged.

The Eve of Damnation has died her death
As the Sun sets on the desert land.

But she will reign as Queen in the Land of Darkness.

A Queen alone...without her King.

by Ranjan Matthew

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. In the muted silence, her confession is acknowledged.10++++±++++++++