Royal Cup Bearers To The Queen

Side by side they both walk
Dressed elegantly while holding a cup in one of their hands
I smile and offer a glance to each of them
They know me and respect me
While smiling and offering a glace back to me
The two of them and I know each other well enough
Maybe the two of them and I will make time together for tea

Royal Cup Bearers to the Queen
I know you're both enshrined in loyalty
And to that which you both deserve

The sun's not out
Only the cold chill of an autumn day is what's here for today
You both though smile and walk on
And above me where I am
A sparrow has flown around
But is ready to land

Tea time with the two of you sounds wonderful to me
And also a wonderous joy to behold
You're both good as gold
Thanks for being what you both are to me

by Justin Gildow

Comments (12)

Watching a little boat drift out! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Nicely written poem. Congrats for being chosen.
Nicely penned poem with lots of imagery. Thanks poet for the sharing and being chosen a congratulation.
A nicely penned poem with great imagery. Thanks poet. Congrats.
A great poem full of some beautiful imagery and nice lines. Love it.
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