Your Wears (Fun Poem 81)

The strong smell of bleach
always reminds me of when I was young
and went to learn to swim.
The instructor told us then
that the best way to learn to swim
was with nothing on.
Once our embarrassment was over,
we learned how to swim.
Nowadays laws being what they are
you can never learn to swim in the nod.
Anyone would be hung, drawn and quartered
for even suggesting it.
After loosing your embarrassment
of running around in the nod,
the next step up was streaking,
showing your wears to everyone.
That feeling of being totally free
suddenly comes over you,
you peel off your clothes and away you go.
They say the best time to do it is at midnight,
but some like to do it during the day.
However, the next time you feel
like being totally free you know just what to do.
Wait until midnight or go and have a cold shower.
It always works for me.

3 June 2008

by David Harris

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Watching a little boat drift out! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Nicely written poem. Congrats for being chosen.
Nicely penned poem with lots of imagery. Thanks poet for the sharing and being chosen a congratulation.
A nicely penned poem with great imagery. Thanks poet. Congrats.
A great poem full of some beautiful imagery and nice lines. Love it.
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