IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

The Ever Watchin Eye.

Be careful what you choose to do
C.C.T, V is watching you.
If you’re caught short and need to pee
You can be certain you will be
recorded by C.C.T.V.

A matter of security
I’m not too sure that I agree
I’m sure that it was meant to be
But have to say it seems to me.

Invasion of our privacy
Though placed on private property
they are positioned so they see.
Where people have a right to be.

Recording automatically
whatever happens secretly.
That’s not the way things used to be
nor am I sure things ought to be.

Favoured by the powers that be
The ultimate authority
C.C.T.V has come to be
Accepted though reluctantly.

That is the harsh reality
We must live with apparently.
Please take this warning seriously
Remember that C.C.T.V
Is watching and watching me.

Because they’re placed strategically
they can’t be seen too easily.

You might well think you are quite free
from scrutiny by C.C.T.V.
It is a possibility
in isolated property

In city streets a rarity.
It’s seen as a necessity
which will safeguard your property
Although sometimes it saddens me

The advent of C.C.T.V
Has changed the world permanently.
Progress does not come for free
We have no choice but pay the fee..

Monday,29 August 2011
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