Bujhle? - Understood?

Aamee jaanee.
Kee jano? Kotow taa jaante perechow?
Bas shudhu chelebelaar oyee goal tee chadaa, shob kichu.
Football baad dao, aasshol kothaatee bolow.
Kothaa koree nee. Bhalobasha. Bhujle?
Dhur chaayee, loke bole kobitaa.

I am aware.
What do you know? And how much?
Barring the secret behind that goal I scored in childhood, everything.
Leave football aside, what’s the real thing, speak up.
I don’t speak, tis love, understand?
Rubbish, and people say its poetry.
Hardik Mahesh Vaidya

by Hardik Vaidya

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