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The Evolution Of A Cactus
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The Evolution Of A Cactus

Poem By Ivy Christou

It is strange how I have managed
To grow wings when before
all I could grow were thorns.
I guess I just let myself show,
I tore the curtains apart
And the sun came into the room,
Warm and reviving.
Now I no longer blame me at nights,
people seem less frightening
and the tone of my voice is stronger.
I can laugh loudly or gently or unexpectedly,
Whenever I want, with out caring
Whether they find it funny or not.
My laugh comes from within
And you can tell from my eyes
That I’m finally happy with myself.

I have accepted who I am.

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Comments (2)

Congrats on your transformation! Lovely piece, Ivy.
Great work Ivy. I think the subject and metaphor for this poem - the cactus - is a very ideal one. In fact the whole title is perfect. Evolution... yes, perfect. Best wishes, Seán