SJ (1991 / arizona)

The Evolution Of A Lie.

Why in the world,
do I hold back,
my true self,
my personality,
is fun,
but how i act,
has none,
i wonder why,
must there be,
such insanity,
to act as if,
you are someone else,
to act in,
such a manner,
should be,
against the law,
should be locked up,
under the ground,
thousands of keys,
and no one,
knows where it,
can be found.

But it is not,
locked up,
it is not,
in such a way,
it is held,
for all the world,
to take big pieces,
like a cake,
large helpings,
of this lie,
with a smiley face,
on the front,
encouraging it,
along the way,
to evolve,
this lie.

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