The Ex Girlfriend

It's all so easy for a man to say, "I Love You"! -
But I found most won't take the time to show you.
It was a week ago, he called and said, he cared -
He was on his way to see me, but he's not here.
Now I'm sleeping alone at night -
Left with only my pillow to hold tight.
Still dreaming of the times we had -
But still alone and feeling sad.
He called me and said, she's having my baby -
It's leaving me wondering, well just maybe, -
The baby will override....
All the feelings you have for me inside.
A baby can bring lots of joy -
A little girl a little boy
Can make you change your mind -
And be with her, till the end of time.

by Deborah Lozoya

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sweet poem, forget him move girl