The Exchange

We pledged our hearts, my love and I,
I in my arms the maiden clasping;
I could not tell the reason why,
But, O, I trembled like an aspen!

Her father's love she bade me gain;
I went, and shook like any reed!
I strove to act the man---in vain!
We had exchanged our hearts indeed.

by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Comments (16)

Nice and tender expression of true feelings, it seemed to me.
A clever and satiric poem
We had exchanged our hearts indeed. //// need exchanging both hearts to be together in life
I know him from my study of English Language-and Lit. A very impressing personality with many many problems. He was W.Wordsworth poet friend, but he got quarrels with WW. I love all his poems, they sound tender and touching, A true poet representing his period. A myriad of 10's for the vote. Samuel Taylor Coleridge, a name to never forget! Congratulations as Classic Poem Of The Day! May his soul R.I.P.
STC, a most important name from his period, not a very easy man or with a loving character as this poem sounds, but a poet with many problems if we view him upon his escapades. Aside from his reputation, I love his poems, they are beautiful with sad tunes and we must guess most of the times. Certainly a best poem all time! Congrats CPOTD
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