The Exchange

We pledged our hearts, my love and I,
I in my arms the maiden clasping;
I could not tell the reason why,
But, O, I trembled like an aspen!

Her father's love she bade me gain;
I went, and shook like any reed!
I strove to act the man---in vain!
We had exchanged our hearts indeed.

by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Comments (17)

Nice and tender expression of true feelings, it seemed to me.
A clever and satiric poem
We had exchanged our hearts indeed. //// need exchanging both hearts to be together in life
This young man satires himself in the final line, for he strove to be the man...but his manly (brave) heart he had exchange for his loved one's heart. Such an endearing poem of love in the young. But I had to smile at his humour in his fear.
I know him from my study of English Language-and Lit. A very impressing personality with many many problems. He was W.Wordsworth poet friend, but he got quarrels with WW. I love all his poems, they sound tender and touching, A true poet representing his period. A myriad of 10's for the vote. Samuel Taylor Coleridge, a name to never forget! Congratulations as Classic Poem Of The Day! May his soul R.I.P.
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