In The Winter's Bough

One touch and the light will glow
With my hand in the winter's bough
I ran so far that now I can't ignore
The touch of mine on the winter's bough

Once you feel my pain
You will not be able to return
To your soul's kingdom
As then I'll be the one to pour
All the sadness and grace
Inside your heart's room

Can you sit in the fog?
With just a silk gown on
Can you sit in the bushes?
And feel how cold they are?
Just try to feel how hard it is
To sit against your wishes in cold silence all alone

I can see the sun's eyes
Craving to shine on my land
But my hand in the winter's bough
Keeps it away from reaching here

The one side of my fear
The another side of my love
On the winter's road
I thought of resting on the boughs

Fell from the hill
Guess where I landed?
In the crystal pond
Yes, in the crystal pond

All the crystals shined and
Caught me in their trap
Poor me; I closed my eyes
And forgot what I once had

With the blood dripping from my hands
On the icy caps
With the curse of sun's light
For not leaving winter's hand

The curse of sadness for smiling for a while
The curse of sun for not leaving winter's hand
The curse of my life for forgetting what I am
With the blessing of the Evil
For entering in his land

Now that I'm on the edge
Of every place I saw
In the middle of dark world
I can't see anything

Sun helped me see
The lights which I might own
By fighting against my thoughts
I might win it

But here I stand
In the middle of the dark world
Holding winter's bough
Holding winter's bough...

by Asavri Dhillon

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