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The Execution Of An Ambiguous Enemy
(June 16th,1971 / Hull, Quebec, Canada)

The Execution Of An Ambiguous Enemy

Last night I watched a man have his throat cut.
I know not what was his crime or error.
I know only of the terrible screams,
and the awful moans of pain and panic.
I am ignorant of any offense
of which this man may have been found guilty.
I know only of the brutality
of the men that, in the name of justice,
committed this act of foul savagery.

I wondered secretly: “had this poor man,
his throat wide open and spilling his blood
across the accursed and unhallowed floor,
truly lived his life by the sword? ” - or was -
this just another example of our
impious thirst for erroneous law?

Copyright (C) MMIV (2004)

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