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The Execution
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

The Execution

Poem By Herbert Nehrlich

Someone said that Johnny Howard
is a godforsaken coward.
When the hangman pulls the switch
and the man drops in the ditch
Howard sits in Canberra
plans to buy his wife a bra.
Watches cricket and the news
aides are polishing his shoes.
Life goes on, he says to 'nette
someone wants to make a bet
over what in Changi Prison
might have, secretly arisen.
Never mind says Howard now
plucks a hair from his left brow.
Government in Singapore
knows the law, that is for sure.
Don't forget the rope is hemp
it withstands the humid temp,
Aussie workers made the thing
for both Changi and Sing Sing.
One more down will save some dough
hangman is a real pro.
As the convict falls at speed
(all the victims always peed)
axis bone goes in the brain
all the prayers now in vain.
Says the lawyer at the bench
'c'est la vie', (he's learning French) .
Never do they hold their breath
in the face of someone's death.
Human life can be expended,
all too soon it will be ended.

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Comments (3)

Ach zo! Them's my sentiments too, Herbert. And little Johnny couldn't allow something as mundane as a hanging to interfere with trade.
Great poem........you and Allan are writing some great stuff lately. Very interesting! :) sincerely, Mary
Sounds great. The one who gave a 'one' is so full of hate he even attacked Jake who really doesn't ruffle any feathers (?) Best H