The Existentialist

I cannot become a part of you
Nor can you
Become a part of me
I cannot fully understand you
Nor can you
Fully understand me
But coming to think of it
How can we?
We are separated by our bodies
And also by our minds
We use the same words
But speak different languages
We share the same external world
But are locked inside
Our internal worlds

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Comments (3)

It is true that I cannot dream your dreams and think your many thoughts! But many a times I found poets writing on common subjects giving it a touch of their individuality, thereby creating wonderful variety, in our world of multiplicity! Thanks forthis poem! -RAJ
Each human is exposed to his own individual situation, .one cannot play another the external is abstract …internal real…. The requirement is to find the key to this lock by which we are individually locked…. Like the others this one is also deep and interesting…
And yet our little lives are connected by so much more than those things that separate us. There is always angst in the existentialist point of view and you have captured it very effectively in this interesting contemplation. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥