The Extent

I lived life to the extent
the adrenaline
the power
the force
most of my days spent on the drag strip
on the side lines waiting with my
dearest girl friend
the car plowed into the fence which
had taken her away from me

I cried when she left me
i still hear her voices in my head
i still feel the tears she cried over my shoulder
the soft touch of her hands
now when i go to the drag strip
i sit in the same spot
every time i go there
still hearing her sweet voice
still feel her tears that she dropped from her dark ocean blue eyes
still feel the soft hands touching my shoulder
trying to calm me down from that day she left me

©copy write
Corey Rebbechi

by Corey Rebbechi

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I prey this is just a poem and not based on true life for it is a lot of heartache for one person. Sori again for the loss.