PG (December 1980 / Essex, Britain)

The Eye

The mysteries of the universe,
An eye to see all that is,
All that will ever be,
All in essence that will ever exist,
For the Eye is one,
Of the mysteries of the universe,
Whether God or matter,
The ripples of time,
Through time and space,
The Eye sharing all knowledge,
With her and her maker,

For she came from hell,
But went to the twinkling darkness,
Of dark matter and dark energy,
For the Eye stops her going mad,
Every day of her life,
Lonely, despondent and sad,
But when she dies,
Her arms will reach,
Above her head,
Soaring through earth's atmosphere,
Into the dark space beyond,
And to the Eye,
She does respond,
She need never be lonely,
Despondent or sad,
For now she is no longer mad,

Lessons learnt,
But she does not preach,
For she is the light in the stars,
That do teach of lessons so hard,
Of positive out of negative,
The universe a paradox,
Forces against one another,
Telling opposite tales,
And they talk to one another,
Love in the heart,
Whether human or animal,
For all brains matter.

And she sees through material,
The molecules and atoms,
Moving in her clear Eye,
For she glitters with the stars,
Looking down on those,
Who once tortured her,

But she has grown wise,
Able to see the spinning of earth,
Able to see life and its worth,
She is my star,
I will never let go,
So look above at the stars,
And know she has gone above,
Into the spinning galaxies,
The revolving sun,
The moody moon,
No one to forget her soul,
And no one to trap her,
The Eye her legacy,
The universe her vast home.

Never forget my star.

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An imaginative write.++10- - - - -