The Eye Of The Hurricane-The Calm Before The Storm

This deep, quiet, awesome stillness over the land has settled in
It is almost like a dream come true.
It is so quiet, still, and peaceful- powerful
Within and without.
This flat calm with no wind hardly blowing- no movement
Nothing stirring to disturb.
Four days and four nights now so still and peaceful.
It is surely God's Holy presence I feel come down.
In a still, small voice God is speaking- His voice I hear and know
He is calling for the last curtain call before He returns - soon.
On the horizon I have heard and hear rumblings as though
Something great, big and wonderful is about to happen to the world,
Jesus Christ- the King of Kings is soon to return- sooner than we think.
There is a heavenly presence, an increase in angelic visitation
An air of jubilee- great expectancy.
There is a calm before the storm.

by Kristin Susan Bethell

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Blaming destiny, misfortune and foe, In the eye of the hurricane what does it say? Whirling around the lifedrama blow, Where does that truth of your pain lay? The whirling dramas sets the norm And the child in pain suffers and fear But such is the eye of the storm That it brings peace instead of tear And there unaffected descends that dove Bringing with it, sweet unconditional love. MH 2009-04-24