The Eyes

The eyes are not simply organ of the body.

The eyes are mirror for the lovers.

A lover sees his/her image in the eyes of the partner.

The eyes are media of expressions for an actor/ actress.

They can express their thoughts by expressions of their eyes.

The eyes are the world for a blind man.

Yes the eyes are most valuable organs in view of a blind.

Its more than a diamond for him.

But for a normal human eyes are simply an organ/ a part of the body.

Friend its not fact, Eyes are valuable and

hence take care of

and donate eyes for those

who do not see, which are called the blind

by ravindra koshti

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Like Thus Spake Eyes Finally ‘and donate eyes for those/who do not see, which are called the blind ‘…hats off to this humane appeal 10/10 Ms. Nivedita UK