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The Eyes Of A Wolf

His coat was perfectly white as the snow,

But it was his eyes that captured my attention.

His eyes, so similar to my own and yet so different.

His burned like a golden fire and mine like a blue star burst.

His went from a light yellow at the pupil to vibrant amber all around the eyes.

Those amber eyes pierced my heart like a thousand swords.

His gaze burned like an inferno on my soul.

Yet his eyes held something within them.

They were full of pride, strength, and a fire that burned brightly.

As he looked at me, I knew he saw me as no threat to him.

As I looked into those fiery amber eyes of his,

I entered his soul.

I saw a puppy running wild in a lush green plain full of moon white flowers.

A young wolf stood before me,

But a puppy was just waiting to be let out of the cage that held him captive.

Then his eyes told me why he had no pack, he was a half-breed.

Not a dog and not a wolf, but how he survived that cold harsh white land I knew not.

A dog could not have survived a journey such as the one he has traveled,

But perhaps a wolf could.

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