The Eyes Of Christ

You see the idle hands of the homeless
And judge under your breath
He needs to get a job
Just like everybody else

You should take the time
Look into his eyes
Looking back at you
Could be the eyes of Christ

Laying in the street
Someone's been shot
It's the bad part of town
Probably deserved what he got

Have compassion
Look into his eyes
Looking up at you
Could be the eyes of Christ

We don't serve blacks
The sign outside read
He just wants to eat
He mumbled and said

They beat him with pipes
Said, it don't matter to me
He's a nobody
Can't you just look and see

As he lay lifeless
They said, I hope he dies
He could hear all around him
All the disgusted sighs

Everyone afraid to help him
Stood back in awe
They just couldn't believe
What they had just saw

A lady came forward
To see what she could do
She just bowed her head
Trying to look through

All the blood that ran down
She began to cry
Looking up at her
Were the eyes of Christ

by Lagaya Evans

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