The Eyes Of Green River

I have two eyes,
And I use them a lot
More than anyone I know.

It started back in eighty-one,
When my games began to grow.

Boiling back at the house was
Anger, deceit, and fights.
And soon enough I was driving,
My eyes were scouring the night.

Oh, and the filth I would see,
The rot,
The trash,
Selling itself.
The shame.
And soon enough,
A secret for me,
I began my games.

Before you knew it, every few nights,
I’d sit behind my wheel.
And I’d wait for them to come to me,
And then we’d make a deal.

Soon enough they’d get in my truck,
And ask as if on cue,
“Are you the killer they’ve been searching for? ”
I’d flash my friendly smile and say,
“Do I look like a killer to you? ”

Oh, and how I loved it,
It was like a new career!
It gave me so much triumph
To fill my body with their fear.

There was just one last night,
Fun, I have to say.
But oh, was she a nuisance
When she tried to crawl away.

But I don’t let evidence escape.
See, I got her in the end.
I dumped it in the river
Out by the fisherman’s bend.

Have you seen my eyes?
If you do, you’ll know.
I can try and hide it,
But the Green River killer shows.

by J.R. Deschenes

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