The Face

Without you, ideas and logic would have been in vain,
unsurprisingly, what a great pain,
there an expression comes with suspense unleashed,
bettering the eager observers like beasts.

When there is an obstacle,
brain thinks the ways to tackle,
face becomes sad,
the one who sees it, thinks, 'pheww, poor brat',
and if someone's lucky,
he gets treatment of a puppy.

When the heart is full of joy,
smile comes to face effortlessly while greeting anyone passing by,
the very day if one meets many people,
mind thinks very clean and little,
making them happy with lots of smiles,
letting the worries go away from the brain files.

When one is hurt,
gestures convey them first,
face turns pale,
assuming everything will fail,
and folks show that they care,
consoling that it was not fair.

Face muscles and vessels play important parts,
Oh! ! I consider that they have their own hearts.

by Monica Mohan

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Face is the index and mirror of all reflections of life. Very beautiful and excellent poem shared on.