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The Face Behind The Mask...

it's reaLLy amazing how people have this perception that i'm really this innocent Little girL that doesn't know anything about the reality that's going on around my worLd..

when in fact i'm aLready this rOtten LittLe thing tHat's heLpLessLy faLLing apart.. yet what dO they knOw? ? ?

nobody sees the truth behind my chiLdish actions, my smiLes and pretendings...

aLL everyone sees is this sweet LittLe girL that never has a probLem..

aLL they see is this perfectLy innocent girL..

what about the other side of the bOok? ? hah!

dare to see the real me? ?

do you know who's-who? ?

well even i cant even figure it out myself..

i fell like i'm lost in my own world of pretendings...

yet i cant find my way out...

i just hope everybody would take a second Look at this girL whom they caLL 'a KiD...'

by dianne san pascual

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Your emotions shine through...and I hope it gives you the control you're craving...we all wear masks for different occassions, whether recognized by others or not...keep writing...Coach