As She Lays There

As she lays there sleeping,
her face so angelic.
I lay down beside her
brushing her hair from her face
to kiss her goodnight.
As she lays there sleeping,
I look at her w/ amazement.
I watch her sleeping w/ wonder,
How could I be so blessed?
As she lays there sleeping,
her hands so soft and pure.
Her eyes shine like the stars,
in the nights sky.
As she lays there sleeping,
My hearts begins to cry,
For my darling angel,
is growing so fast.
As she lays there sleeping,
I pray to the LORD above,
that all her dreams come true.
As she lays there sleeping,
I pray her joy and her smile,
Never fades away!
As she lays there sleeping,
I hold on to her so tight,
For the morning light,
is soon to come.
As she lays there sleeping,
I think of all the joy she brings,
into this world and into my heart.
Sleep well my darling angel!

by Tera Erickson

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true all, life is full rise and fall but we all have to learn from them cause thats what makes life interesting
your first 2 and last stanzas speak well of the facts of life, as i feel life is about balanced. However, your 3rd stanza is a bit slanted towards negativity like sadness and grief only, you didn't mentioned the joys of being lucky and such, which shows that you are rather sad or disappointed about life. Overall, you are able to get the meaning across and allows others to share your view of life. Great piece =)
Your poem is deeply expressive. My wish for you is that you can control your own destiny-or at least be able to work freely for it in justice and in peace.Man has a right to the fruits of his labours. I' ll read more of you later. Bon courage!
nice one.. throughout our life we keep trying to figure out as to what life is... yet another creative attempt to understand life.. good one1! !
Very Very well done man. my favorite by you so far! =)
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